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  • The 7 Tomes
    by Richard M. Pasichnyk, Hon. Ph.D.

The 7 Tomes


the mechanisms of the Living Earth, Celestial Objects, and Universe"

  the historical cycles of humanity and what’s to come – and soon!"

 how life perfects and stabilizes the physical world"

 why “The World as We Know It” must and will soon be replaced with a New Cosmos"

 your place in the Living Universe and why knowledge of that Universe is of paramount importance to you for dealing with the current changes and the greater changes to come"

Get the 7 Tomes and read  

None of it shall fail. 


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We are “The Source” for the unveiling and profound revelation of the greatest mysteries of our Living Universe, as presented by Dr. Richard M. Pasichnyk. 

Our site provides resources for both consumers and research professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge and/or achieving optimum mental and physical health. 

The Organic Source is currently in the works of adding a line of nutritonal supplements as recommended by Dr. Pasichnyk in his newly published title on diet, Nutrients for Love: A Life-Centered, Holistic Approach to Achieving Optimum Mental and Physical Functioning.

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