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Jul 18, 2020 2:41:00 PM

The Mind is an extremely powerful entity capable of changing reality, not just our perception of it. – Love Conquers All

What is Your Mind?

One’s mind has often been defined as the set of thinking faculties including cognitive aspects such as consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, judgement, language, and memory, as well as noncognitive aspects such as emotion (Wikipedia).  It is no longer considered solely to be a product of brain activity.  It is a life energy that encompasses our bodies, transferring information to our brains.  It is best defined as follows:

“The mind is an electromagnetic force whose message the brain accepts and interprets.  It is something like a radio wave (mind) that is picked up by an antenna and receiver (brain).  However, not only can the radio wave – mind – physically change the receiver – the brain – but one’s own internal state and external objects.”  - Love Conquers All, p. 9. 

This has magnificent implications for changing our physical and mental states of being – to one of optimal health.  Furthermore, since our minds are like radio waves, whose message is transmitted beyond our own bodies, our minds have the capacity to change the physical world around us - to one of utopia. 


Is it possible that one may heal from a state of disease to one of optimal health? 

The answer is Yes. Proper fasting, meditation/prayer, proper nutrition, and understanding the life/love centered mechanisms which govern life as discussed in Love Conquers All and The 7 Tomes, can heal the mind and the body from disease.  Some disease states may require a period of loving support to heal, and it is these primary actions that can be the precursor to optimization of the mind and body and the end to disease.   Meanwhile, most of our society today suffers from a variety of diseases, both mental and physical, caused by a myriad of experiences, lifestyles, poor nutrition, our environment being destroyed around us, and a lack of love relationships.  These issues may be difficult to overcome, but it is the will of the mind that overcomes.  After all, it was the will of the collective mind that brought about the world in which we live today.  And it will be the collective mind that will bring about a new utopia.  It is now within our reach.  Earth mechanisms have initiated, and the renewing cycles are upon us, just as has occurred for centuries.  See The 7 Tomes for a complete historical review of these world cycles and how they have appeared for many thousands of years for the purpose of reestablishing life. 

Legends and ancient texts of the Garden of Eden, Buddhalands, the Brahman's Bountiful Earth-Mother, the state of inaction in the lands of the Tào, all spiritual texts of the many cultures today,  describe humanity’s long lost paradise of the ancient past.  They describe humankind’s actions and relationship with our Earth was one of reverence, and it was the faltering of the mind, that of ego, that led to its falling from that paradise.  It is the history of our ancient cultures and the cycles of humankind for thousands of years that have led to a greater understanding of life’s regenerative cycles.  To find our place in that utopia will require a new “mind-set” with a focus on the reverence for life – one of love and respect for all life. 

Scientists today are uncovering groundbreaking and exciting evidence that human beings are active participators in our physical world, creating the world around us in every respect by how we think about and perceive the physical world.  Current research has yielded studies showing the outcomes of scientific experiments are different when the experiments are simply “observed” by the scientist.  So, how can that be, and why?  Well, it goes back to the Mind.  As Love Conquers All expounds, the mind is an electromagnetic force and it is that electromagnetic force that extends across time and space to physically alter the subatomic and quantum particles (energy fields) of the light energy of the physical world around us.  That physical world is made up of electromagnetic energy.  Those changes are relative to our “state of mind”.

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When our state of mind is continually one of “nurturing” and thus “loving” to ourselves and others, including all of life, the changes to the physical world eventually manifest and become the same.  The world as we know it becomes more perfect as we heal, nurture and empower it through the conscious thoughts and actions of what is loving.  On a global scale, it could be surmised that when the states of minds of persons around the world become that of “nurturing” and “loving” then the world around us will become an extension of our minds, healing all life on Earth to a point of total stability, one ultimately of perfection when continued for a significant period of time.  This is the result of the laws of physics themselves – a new interdisciplinary understanding of the grand unifying principle (Field-Dynamical Earth Model) that is explained in detail, in Love Conquers All, and The 7 Tomes.  One such observation presented therein is the Earth itself is becoming more stable over time, evidenced by the fossil records.  More species have propagated after life renewal events over the centuries, which stabilize and perfect our physical world. 

The fossil records, tree rings, the study of the Earth’s historical cycles, ancient maps, and a new model of the Earth explained in detail in The Vital Vastness provides overwhelming evidence for such a world that awaits us.  We only need to conduct that experiment, the human experiment, whereby we focus our minds onto what is most loving in every thought we make.  Studies have already been done on the collective conscious and how large group meditations have altered crime rates.  Possibly billions of people of today practice some form of meditation and prayer.  There’s overwhelming evidence, particularly regarding those who have participated in such experiments, that supports the resulting affects on healing and changes in one’s reality by meditating and praying.  They are, after all, the act of focusing one’s mind, an electromagnetic field.

So how do you nourish, heal, and empower your Mind?

According to the author of Love Conquers All, the most prominent authority on the Mind,

“The Mind is a physical force – an electromagnetic field – that can control and shape physical things.  Of all the possible ideals, the mind is most capable of fully welding itself to the purpose of an all-encompassing truth.  That truth, we have learned and will continue to learn is love.  Most basically, and within each of us, is the power to produce paradise.  The choice is with each of us.  Heaven is within you, and if you say it cannot happen, you are stopping it (especially for your yourself).  Love defined becomes an active force involved in much more than just changing consciousness.  It transforms and restructures conscious information and information-processing brain structures, yielding perceptual love.  The change may not occur immediately, but will improve over time, because knowledge of the right choice is always operating.” (p. 387)

Understanding what constitutes a proper diet, taking actions to resolve your unique deficiencies due to early detrimental childhood experiences and relationships, fasting, prayer and meditation, practicing loving relationships, and making conscious decisions daily based on what is most loving will rewire your mind, conscious and unconscious, and will nourish, heal and empower your mind and the world in ways that humankind has yet to experience on a global scale.  Dramatic change is upon us.  The knowledge we need to accomplish the objectives for a loving, perfected world has been laid before us in Love Conquers All, and The 7 Tomes.  As we journey to witness our current world experience, a rebirth of life, you, and I, are the catalyst to fulfill our unique role in achieving our destiny as human beings, one of altruistic love, life and everlasting happiness.  Please join us.  Peace and love be with you.  


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