Understand Life’s Perfecting Force

Jul 18, 2020 2:36:00 PM

Life’s perfecting force is “The Unified Field”. The Unified Field’s purpose is to create, stabilize, and perfect all life throughout the universe.

So what is the Unified Field? 

All life — which includes every living thing in the physical world both large (macro) and small (microcosm) — is generated by and a product of an infinite web of unified fields, governed by the four forces of nature. The four fundamental interactions or forces of nature are: gravitation, electromagnetism, the weak force, and the strong force.

Gravitational Force: This force is the weakest but has an infinite range. It has strength of 6 × 10-39m in comparison to the strength of the strong force. This force is always attractive and acts between any two pieces of matter in nature. The effect of this gravitational force is dependent upon the mass of the two bodies and the distance between them.

Strong force: This force holds the nucleus of an atom together. It is the strongest of the forces, but it is very short ranged. It acts over a range of about 10-15m, which is the average diameter of a medium sized nucleus. This force is attractive.

Weak Force: This force is weak compared to the strong force as the name implies and has the shortest range of 10-18m, which is 0.1% of the diameter of a proton. It is responsible for radioactive decay especially nuclear beta decay. All particles experience this force.

Electromagnetic Force: This is the second strongest force after the strong force and it acts on electrically charged particles. It has strength of 1/137 relative to the strong force but has an infinite range. However, this force has both attractive and repulsive properties due to the two charges it possesses; negative and positive. Like charges repel while unlike charges attract and this can be demonstrated with a simple magnet or electric charges.

Unified Fields are invisible currents of energy flow animating and connecting every living thing throughout the world. A unified field can be described in one sense as a spiraling vortex of energy, what the author of The Vital Vastness calls a time-varying particle accelerator. Actually, there are two fields within a Unified Field:  one outer field of spiraling energy that spirals clockwise, maintaining a time-varying flow of electrical energy inside that field, and a second field inside the vortex that spirals in the opposite direction, which serve as a mechanism to perfect the physical world, which can alter space and time.  The unified field is often referred to in scientific terms as a particle accelerator.  It is these fields that can change the shape and form of physical matter, create new matter, and reposition matter between different points in time. The Unified Fields are descriptive of what has been called throughout the centuries as Spirit.  For a comprehensive understanding of the workings of the Unified Fields, see The 7 Tomes, by Richard Pasichnyk. 


“Spirit”, often referred to as Holy Spirit, Chị, or Life Force, and Breath, is our connection to, and our at-oneness with all life. Without the Spirit, our bodies would not be alive. It is the essence and force which flows within and throughout all of existence. Invisible currents of energy flow — that web of infinite unified fields — throughout the world, animate and connect every living thing.


The totality of one’s conscious and unconscious processes and activities is Mind. Focused consciousness can achieve a mental awareness where everything is one, and everything is many – at the very same time and without any contradiction whatsoever.  By practicing meditation and prayer, as well as analyzing and defining and thus understanding what love is — thus, utilizing both hemispheres of the brain — one may eventually achieve the ultimate consciousness of mind (Love Conquers All). 

The Unified Field of Consciousness

The unified field is fundamentally a field of consciousness.   Albert Einstein postulated that everything in the universe is relative and the existence of different worlds and forms and phenomena can only be accounted for in terms of relativity.  He adds: 

There are moments when one feels free from one’s own identification with human limitations and inadequacies … Life and death flow into one, and there is neither evolution nor destiny; only being.” — Albert Einstein

A leading neuroscientist, van Lommel, elaborates about something similar regarding the unified field:

“The mind seems to contain everything at once in a timeless and placeless interconnectedness. The information is not encoded in a medium but is stored non-locally as wave functions in nonlocal space, which also means that all information is always and everywhere immediately available.” (pp. 224, 244) … In this new approach, complete and endless consciousness with retrievable memories has its origins in a nonlocal space in the form of indestructible and not directly observable wave functions. These wave functions, which store all aspects of consciousness in the form of information, are always present in and around the body. The brain and the body merely function as a relay station receiving part of the overall consciousness and part of our memories in our waking consciousness in the form of measurable and constantly changing electromagnetic fields. In this view, brain function can be seen as a transceiver; the brain does not produce but rather facilitates consciousness.” (p. 265)

Interdisciplinary research scientist Richard Pasichnyk summarizes these findings: 

“The mind is an electromagnetic force whose message the brain accepts and interprets.  It is something like a radio wave (mind) that is picked up by an antenna and receiver (brain).  However, not only can the radio wave – mind – physically change the receiver – the brain – but one’s own internal state and external objects.”  - Love Conquers All, p. 9. 

One of the first physicists to take this perspective to its logical and scientific conclusion was Bohm.  He believes beneath their different names and shades – superstrings, compactification, Kac-Moody algebras – all these complex, numerical models point to the same basic truth: everything blossoms out from an underlying unity.

According to Maharishi, a prominent Vedic, the unified field is known as atman, meaning “pure consciousness,” or “self,” since the unified field constitutes the deepest reality and hence the true identity of everything in nature.

The term “consciousness” is clearly distinguished from the highly individualized and anthropocentric sense of the term common to everyday experience: it is used to denote a completely universal field of “pure, self-interacting” consciousness — consciousness aware of itself alone, devoid of any individualizing influence or external objects of experience.

Due to its essential nature as consciousness, Maharishi explains, “the unified field has the dual characteristics of existence and intelligence.” (Hagelin, p. 8-9)

 Unified Field, Spirit, Consciousness – Life’s Perfecting Force

There is physical proof for the existence of the Unified Field.  It can be found in the study of tree rings, fossil records, tektite formations, migrations of animals for the purpose of generating life’s static currents of electricity, and much more.  You must read the comprehensive and authoritative treatise that unleashes in the most profound way this new understanding about life’s purpose, and the forces and mechanisms that perpetuate it.  See The 7 Tomes.  You will be awed and awakened to an undeniable understanding of not only the Grand Unified Principle of Physics, but the purpose of life and your place and role within it. 

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