Witness Nature’s Renewing Cycles

Jul 19, 2020 2:39:00 PM

“Life is the Primary Objective of the Universe” – The Vital Vastness

The idea of nature having renewing cycles is not something new.  It is in the numerous texts of ancient and modern cultures around the world.  Over the last several years particularly, humankind is seeing an increase in the number of shocking news events going on around the world – the worldwide COVID-19 plague, the huge and devastating forest fires in California, Australia and elsewhere around the world, major hurricanes, floods, and rapid melting glaciers, including Greenland, persistent and growing heat waves including megadroughts in the Southwest, record breaking arctic storms in the Midwest and elsewhere, and the more recently disastrous plagues of locusts in Africa and India.  So much so are these natural catastrophes of profound devastation that many are being referred to as “...of biblical proportion”.  And what of the mass shootings across the USA in recent years, and more recently civil unrest and protests, as well as acts of war?  What does it all mean?  Is there a deeper understanding of it all, and if so, what is the connection?  Are these events just a cycle of events that come and go over time, or is there a very real connection, a cause and effect relationship between humankind’s impact on the world in which we live by means of our lifestyles, including our dependence on fossil fuels and metals that are mined from the Earth?   

Many leading world scientists, including those who last year revealed in a report on climate from the United Nations, are providing concrete evidence after years of intensive scientific investigation, that the Earth’s drastic weather changes are resulting in a growing number and the intensity of these catastrophic events, and they are implicating humankind’s influence through the destruction of wilderness and the burning of fossil fuels, which are exacerbating the level of that catastrophic devastation.  Many are asking still:  what real definitive proof is there, and should you be concerned?  It is a major topic of concern that is coming up in political platforms as the growing evidence is mounting that shows that cause and effect relationship.  Many are genuinely concerned that humankind is headed towards a destructive cycle that could end the world as we know it.  So, what is really going on? 

The idea of nature having renewing cycles of world destruction and rebirth has been around for thousands of years.  Historical writings such as those included in the Holy Bible, the Holy Quran describing the 7 destructions, The Mayan Calendar describing the cycles of Earth’s purging and renewal, the Hindu Theory of World Cycles – Baharna, The Aztec’s Legend of the 5th Sun, and the Chinese writings of the Kiss, describe the Earth going through cycles of world destruction followed by rebirth and renewal.  One famous treatise published in 2002, The Vital Vastness, compiles and describes these renewal cycles in detail as has been documented in all the known ancient historical records.  This publication was product 18 years ago, right before the escalation of the world’s catastrophic events that are unfolding today. 

The author describes in accurate detail all the main ancient historical records in their relation to a series of cycles; including those Earth cycles that occur every 52 years, 200 plus or minus years, 1,000 years, and more.  The book also includes what to expect in upcoming cycles.  There is so much more.  The cycles are the result of what a living entity’s purpose would bring about so to remove the destruction of Earth’s life systems so that life can abound as it was intended.  This book puts it into perspective, that it is humankind, and its effects on Earth’s living system that affects its stability.  The book explains how the Earth is alive, in every respect, including meeting the scientific definition of what a living organism is.  This is not only the author’s findings, but that of hundreds of leading scientists worldwide. The Earth is a living organism in every respect.  The author provides authoritative details of the Earth’s living electrical (electromagnetic) system and how it is behaving in every way as a living system, and how it has an immune system much like all living things, working to preserve life.  Those actions by humankind that are destroying life on Earth, and thus, the Earth itself, are damaging the Earth’s cells, its ecosystems, and other life-generating properties and mechanisms.  When the Earth becomes weak, because of the damaging effects of civilization, its immune system is triggered and more active during lunar cycles in relation to our Sun.  The energy from the Sun is intensified when the Earth’s life-generated fields are out of balance, transferring the Sun’s hydrogen plasma to the Earth via what he calls the electromagnetic fields of the Earth.  In the Earth’s core, nuclear-generated energy, that originated from the Sun and was transferred via the Interplanetary magnetic field to the Earth, is absorbed through Earth’s dynamical fields, and finally generates nuclear fusion in the Earth’s core.  There the energy is metabolized, and energy is released to heal the Earth by establishing life’s cells in the form of a variety of natural events.  Electromagnetism, field dynamics, plate tectonics, and much more is covered to fully explain the mechanisms that govern the Earth’s actions to protect, preserve, and reestablish life.  Get this book, The Vital Vastness, as well as In Defensive of Nature, and read them.  You will be enlightened.  All three volumes, The Vital Vastness, Volumes I and II, and In Defense of Nature make up The 7 Tomes.  It is a masterpiece of understanding all the known physical laws, concisely, showing the shortcoming of current modern theories which try to explain the creation of life, and the mechanisms of the universe, only coming up short.  New scientific evidence is coming out, and this author has brought it all together to make sense of it all – that life and living organisms are self-preserving, and the Earth is the same.  Humankind only needs to understand how powerful our relationship is with our Earth, and all life around us, even how we, as participators in the physical world, affect the stars in our galaxy, and our universe.  Be prepared for an extremely exciting book that explains it all in an authoritative way.  You will walk away in awe, knowing what is going on, and why it is so important to be aware of what is going on.  Albert Einstein stated: “Humankind is on the bring of nothing less than a profound redefinition of human life.”  This author, Richard Pasichnyk, explains it further in The Vital Vastness, Volume I, Section 30.3: 

“In Retrospect:  A New Mind-Set Is Needed.  This open-mindedness has never been more important.  One of the clear lessons revealed by the fossil record is that life crises preceded mass extinctions and catastrophes.  As will be uncovered further in Volume Two is that life stabilizes the physical world in many ways.  Today a life crisis exists that is comparable with that of the end of the Cretaceous. … Ahead is the spring of rebirth, and the endless summer of abundant life throughout the cosmos!... Furthermore, the observations suggest that life is not only pervasive, but that life is the primary objective of the Universe.”

Get this book, on this website or on Amazon or any bookstore.  We are in the midst of nature, the Earth, healing herself, and restoring life in a profound way.  And the purpose – to perfect the living world. The historical record, including tree rings, fossil records, mineral formations, ancient maps, documented events, and more provide facts, as well as insights of what is now occurring and what is in store.  Do not be afraid… be prepared… learn and know why the renewal cycles are happening and must happen.  Learn of the beautiful mystery of nature that has been finally uncovered for you to understand.  A living, loving, beautiful world awaits us!

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