In Defense of Nature - The History Nobody Told You About (Softcover)

  • Published: 12/23/2002
  • Format: Perfect Bound
  • Softcover Pages: 693
  • Size: 6 x 9
  • ISBN: 978-0-59525-586-3
  • Print Type: B/W
  • Author: Richard M. Pasichnyk

In this book you will discover a history of humanity unlike anything you have ever heard of. Ever wonder what happened to all of the civilizations that have gone before us? In Defense of Nature unveils a story of the human interaction with our living Earth and living Cosmos. Know why international and nation unrest and war, and disasterous Earth changes are occurring, and why they will continue to increase in scope and number.

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Retail Price: $35.95 T.O.S. Price: $26.95
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Quantum mechanics and experiments performed within the past few decades have demonstrated that we are not passive spectators, but participators that shape the world around us. In Defense of Nature - The History Nobody Told You About, as well as The Vital Vastness, has brought into view a thoroughly interdisciplinary understanding of a world in which we possess the power to shape and control what takes place. Nothing illustrates this better than our own prehistory and history. What this book will conclusively show is that the Universe is completely life-oriented, even to the extent that life governs the dynamics and stability of most aspects of the physical world. Furthermore, it complements the public's growing environmental awareness, as it uncovers the essential role of life in protecting our world and our planet. This is not in the usual environmental sense, but one more deeply rooted in the dynamics of the Earth as a planet. We have all heard how our blind consumer-oriented ways -- now having a global impact -- are leading to an environmental disaster. Yet, there is an event(s) that will stop us before we reach that point, as has taken place a number of times in history and prehistory. Why would anyone what to know about such a "bubble bursting" perspective? Because problems don't go away by ignoring them, and there is much that can be done to prevent it. As George Santayana stated it, "Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it." In the final analysis, this book will ultimately make the world a better place, reverse the current environmental crisis and world tensions, and raise the consciousness of the Earth's inhabitants about the generally unrealized aspects of our own history, as well as, the cosmos.

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AuthorRichard M. Pasichnyk
Book FormatPerfect Bound Softcover
Book PublisheriUniverse
Size6 x 9
Publication DateDec 23, 2002
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