The objectives of the Living Cosmos Society are to educate and otherwise disseminate information about the dominion of life over the cosmos in its full-spectrum from the Universe to the quantum level. Included in this perspective are the ways in which life stabilizes the physical world, communities of organisms make up larger organisms, such as embodied in the Gaia Hypothesis and the Endosymbiotic Theory, and the life-like characteristics of celestial objects and the Universe as a whole. The role of life in the dynamics of our planet, geological and evolutionary history, human history, and the quantum and molecular levels are also embraced. The society encourages, through knowledge and action, the preservation of life in all of its diversity. That it is moral, ethical and spiritual to do so, and that it is essential to human welfare and the state of the physical world in which humans are participators. Encompassing this full scope are the three books titled The Vital Vastness -- Volume One: Our Living Earth, The Vital Vastness -- Volume Two: The Living Cosmos and In Defense of Nature -- The History Nobody Told You About. These books are the foundation of the Living Cosmos Society, which is a non-profit organization. When all is said and done the overall truth is:

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January 1999


Richard Michael Pasichnyk


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