The Vital Vastness - Volume One, Our Living Earth

Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 640
ISBN: 0-595-21078-3
Publication Date: March-2002
Author: Richard M. Pasichnyk
A new, interdisciplinary paradigm, embracing the sciences and history, reveals a fundamentally biological universe that is also stabilized by life. Life is an all powerful physical law.

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The Earth has a myriad of characteristics typical of a living entity. The Earth is much more dynamic than theorized, and life maintains its dynamics, electrical environment, and magnetic field. The Earth is comprised of a system of fields maintained by life, and so, this new model is referred to as the Field-dynamical Earth Model (FEM), our living Earth. There are many problems with our current model of the Earth that this new model resolves. From the quantum level up to the planetary scale, life creates stability. Much of the entropy (disorder, decay and randomness) on Earth, including our own bodies, is the result of a lack of abundance and diversity of life. Evolution is not the result of competition between species, or "survival of the fittest," as suggested by Darwin, but rather, the result of genetic mutation caused by ionizing radiation and other factors. The dinosaurs did not become extinct as a result of a comet or asteroid impact, but by planetary destabilization and ionizing radiation emanating from the Earth itself. Much, much more is explored in this volume, yielding a whole new paradigm, and world view. Throughout both volumes the conclusions are clear, life has dominion over the Cosmos, and we need a new mindset in our exploration of it. The most important direction for humanity is to understand that the care and nurturing--love-- of life is of the utmost importance if we want a world filled with peace and plenty. The book In Defense of Nature reveals the prehistory and history of human interaction with the Living Earth and Cosmos, disclosing the unrest and destabilization when we do not know of life's paramount importance.

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Country of ManufactureUnited States
AuthorRichard M. Pasichnyk
Book FormatPerfect Bound Softcover
Book PublisheriUniverse
Size6 x 9
Publication DateMar 1, 2002
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